Teesside Food Bank Collections

Here at 20/20 Window Cleaning Teesside & 20/20 Cleaning Teesside (Internal cleaning division), we believe that no matter what your job or circumstance – we all breathe the same air, we all only get 1 item for a pound in the pound shop. But something that also is key is that we all need some help sometimes. This is why, when we seen that a local food bank kitchen was running low on supplies, we had to help! So we decided to help with Teesside Food Bank Collections.

Recently we have been offering free Teesside Food Bank Collections on our rounds for both customers and non-customers who might have some items in their kitchen cupboards spare that could go to the food collection. The food bank was specifically running low on a tinned products, baby products and sanitary products. Our customers did a fantastic job at checking their home for any spare or unwanted items and contacting us to arrange collection. We manage to collect and donate a huge range of food products which will go a long way in helping others in need.

We would like to thank all our customers and some non-customers who helped us, help the food bank.

Remember we are going to be offering a Christmas Shoebox appeal in time for Christmas.