Window Cleaning Franchise

Here at 20/20 Window Cleaning, we have invested heavily in our systems and procedures which has a proven record for growth. From marketing to the physical cleaning process, we have researched, tested and then documented – what works, why it works and continually optimised every element of our business to save time, improve customer service & improve our cleaning process. We can help you start making your own money quickly with our window cleaning franchise.

Many people think it is easy to start a window cleaning business – anyone can buy a ladder, a bucket and a squeegee…right? Yes they can, but to build a business which is both worth your while takes thousands of hours and thousands of pounds to be done correctly. We have already tested what works and what doesn’t work, so why not use our method to start your own window cleaning franchise with the help and support from us.

What makes our window cleaning franchise very different to most franchise opportunities out there, is we offer a managed service. This means, our central office handles all of your payments, online marketing, reporting, social media, answering the phone, dealing with any queries or complaints. This means, you, the franchisee, can spend more time working and therefore making more money.

Here’s the best example we can give you. If you are out cleaning windows between 8am and 4pm – answering the phone can be tricky, this is where our core team come in. Their job is the answer the phone promptly, help the customer with whatever query they may have. This could be a new customer enquiry, wanting an additional quote for soffit cleaning, or maybe even a complaint. Our core team know what the common questions are, what the best possible resolution might be and therefore can help that customer quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, if you are cleaning all day, you may miss out on a new customer, loose a customer through a silly question and not being able to get back to them quick enough.

We offer a complete franchise service, from apps, systems and processes to get your started straight away, and work with you to grow your customer base.

We have a number of different franchise options available, from small one person options looking for an extra few days work a few, right through to someone wanting to invest and grow a larger scale business in their area with multiple vans and staff.

As part of your initial window cleaning franchise training, we will show you everything you need to know from the cleaning process & techniques, right through to the best ways to win new customers. We will provide everything you need to get started from leaflets and flyers, marketing material and uniform, right through to your window cleaning equipment.

We have a number of franchise opportunities throughout the UK, some already with existing customers ready to take over and start cleaning right away!

If you want to know more about how you can change your life with a window cleaning franchise, please get in touch via our contact us page today.