Cheap Window Cleaning Teesside

Here at 20/20 Window Cleaning Teesside we believe that our service is fair, affordable and importantly reliable. It is very important when researching either getting a window cleaner for the first time, or swopping, to find the right provider. Here is our top tips of what to look out for; this will not only just apply to window cleaning, but many other services you may require for your home. Is cheap window cleaning Teesside always the best choice?

We offer a reliable, fairly priced Cheap Teesside Window Cleaning service

Cheaper the better, right?

Well, no not necessarily – think about the age old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. Running any business, is a costly exercise to do properly – so always be sure to double check whoever you use is a proper business and importantly has insurance.

Always check that your window cleaner has valid insurance

We have lost count of the amount of times new customers have come to us and say their old window cleaner had smashed a window, or damaged their property – and just never came back. The would usually mean that they didn’t have valid insurance. We have comprehensive insurance, for your peace of mind as well as ours. Sometimes, genuine accident can happen, and unfortunately, that’s just part of life. However, when such incidents occur, its important to make things right, and the quickest, most effective way of doing this is through insurance.

Using a proper business is more expensive than ‘Bob’ from the pub? Not necessarily but remember, Cheap Window Cleaning Teesside might not always be the best option

Commonly, we get asked ‘bob’ does our windows for £2 can you match his price. The short answer is no. We can’t compete with people who don’t use professional equipment, insurances, pay proper taxes and business expenses. But what we do explain to customers, is if ‘Bob’ is poorly or goes on holiday – you will be the last thing on his mind. Because we are a proper company, with job roles ensuring every aspect of our customers needs are met, if one person is on holiday or poorly – business can continue. Don’t forget you can learn more about what Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is here.

Cheap Window Cleaning Teesside

We offer a reliable, and competitively priced Teesside Window Cleaning service throughout Middlesbrough, Yarm, up through Hartlepool and Billingham (Stockton/Norton Etc) up to Seaham and Wingate/Peterlee.

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