What is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Quick summary; We use a reach & wash system – but I’ll explain why it’s the best option and why others don’t use it correctly. If you simply washed windows with tap water the physical particles, elements and minerals found within tap water will dry streaky. However, we produce & filter the water we use to remove all of the above. Water purity is measured in something called PPM (Parts Per Million). Tap water out of our tap is between 450 / 550PPM. We use water with a PPM of 000. The reason some companies don’t get the right result is a combination of the water isn’t purified correctly and / or their method is incorrect. The last step requires a rinse of pure water – most companies don’t do this, as they think as the water is purified, a rinse isn’t needed – it 100% is, infact we rinse twice! But let’s delve deeper into the science and benefit into Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Benefits

  • Pure water has far greater cleaning properties than using just water
  • Pure water is exactly that, pure, so no contaminants are in the water which can dry streaky
  • Safe to use on frames and around your property as it is eco friendly
  • We can clean all your frames, sills and windows more effectively as we have a constant supply of pure water.
  • It is far safer than climbing ladders
  • Reduced risk of damage to your property and our window cleaners as no one is needed to climb up, onto or over roofs.

Why can’t you use tap water for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

A common misconception when people see WFP window cleaning for the first time, is that window cleaners are just spraying tap water on a window. This can not be further from the truth. If you used just tap water for this method of window cleaning, your window would not dry clear. This is because of all the particles in the tap water. I am not saying tap water is bad for us to drink or for other purposes, but it is not right for this method of window cleaning. If you look inside your kettle, you have to descale it, this is because when tap water boils the water evaporates and leaves the particles in the water behind. The same applies here. If you got 1 litre of our pure water, and 1 litre of tap water, placed them both in 2 identical clean pans, and boiled it so all the water evaporated. The pan containing pure water will have nothing left inside, the pan containing tap water will have residue left. This, in principle is what would be left on your window if you didn’t use properly filtered water.

But how can you filter water for Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Each area of the country is different, but around our area, we get a PPM (parts per million) reading of between 450 & 550ppm. This is how many particles of ‘stuff’ (could be minerals, sediment ….) is point in the tap water. We use a multi step filtration system to purify the water. This takes any physical sediment particles out, carbon, then uses reverse osmosis, and is finally then finished off with a DI resin. Here we produce water which is filtered to 000PPM.

How to clean windows with WFP Window Cleaning?

Using WFP to clean windows is a multi step process. We firstly clean the frames, we then scrub the window seals around the glass as this is where common a lot of muck can build up. Next, we will give a rinse on the frames to make sure they are all nice and clean and will dry clean. We will then move onto the glass itself, we will scrub the glass twice, this agitates any dirt. Depending on if there is any serious first which needs to be removed, we also have tools on our poles that can help remove added dirt such as bird excrement. Next, we will rinse the glass twice, this means that the water left on the window is pure. If you do not rinse, the water mixed with the dirt is still left on the window. The rinse is very, very important. Finally we will scrub the window sills.

Here are common questions we get asked about Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

  • It is just water, how does that clean? – The water that is used is pure water, so it has added cleaning properties. Pure water is not tap water, is it highly filtered water too 000PPM. Tap water depending on location in country can be 450 – 550ppm (this is the reading in our local area).
  • Why do my windows get left wet – Because the water which is left on your window is pure, it will dry clear.

To find out more about WFP window cleaning, please feel free to get in touch via our Facebook page or using our contact us page on our website. A member of our team will be more than happy to help you further.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning