Soffit & Fascia Board Cleaning

Here at 20/20 Window Cleaning Teesside, we offer an affordable and reliable soffit and fascia board cleaning solution.¬†When we perform this type of clean, we clean your soffits, fascia boards, downpipes, guttering and bargeboards. Commonly referred to as ‘whitework’ we can bring your property back to looking its former glory.

We often get asked why we don’t use a jet or pressure washer to clean soffits & fascia boards. There are many reasons for this:

  • Pressure washers output water at a very high flow rate, this can mean that water can get into roof spaces, in voids and force water un-naturally where it shouldn’t get too. This can result in damp inside or in some cases mould due to standing water.
  • High powered jet wash machines can cause damage to PVC fascia boards & vents. They can often be just too powerful.
  • Excessive water, again due to the high flow rate of pressure or jet wash machines, an excessive amount of water is wasted, increasing costs, wasting water and importantly sometimes unnecessarily flooding garden areas. This can also ‘splatter’ dirt all over unnecessarily.
  • In our are, our water isn’t pure so does not have the cleaning benefits of properties that our pure water systems have. We use a combination of pure water reach and wash systems, elbow grease and carefully selected cleaning solutions to clean and revive plastic whitework.

Once we have finished cleaning all of your soffits, fascia boards, downpipes and guttering, we always finish off by performing a full window clean. This includes all of your window frames, sills and doors. We do not see a point in doing half a job, and commonly they will get splashed with mucky water and we want to leave the best looking job possible. Remember, if you have wooden fascia boards which have flaking paint, cleaning them isn’t as effective, and depending on the condition may be better off being replaced with plastic uPVC. We do not offer tis service unfortunately – we would recommend contacting your local window experts such as Perfect PVC.

How much does it cost to have soffit & fascia board cleaning?

As every house is completely different, we provide each customer a completely free, no obligation quote. This allows our prices to be accurate and fair.

Please get in touch via our completely free online enquiry where a member of our team will be able to arrange a quote for Soffit & Fascia Board Cleaning. Remember, we cover Middlesbrough, over to Yarm, up through Hartlepool, Sedgefield and up to Seaham and Wingate.